dive spots - overview

Here an overview about our dive
sites. All sites can be reached in a
short boat ride from the Dive place.

While the wrecks are reservated for
trimix , diving with nitrox or normoxic
trimix can also be organized along
the amazing cliff coast.

An unforgettable experience for
example, is a ride a scooter along
the miles long reef off the coast.
At the Moment we can offer two
Suex ADV 18 for hire.

Furthermore we organize dives
further out and of course we have
other spectacular dive sites.

: : wreck sites

6 wrecks in the near vicinity of the
diving base between 60 - 90m deep:

Melpomene & Spingarda

SS Euterpe

SS Albanien

HMS Aldenham

TA 20 ex. Audace

UJ 202 & 208

: : drop off

miles long drop off
- about 60 m deep