dive center

We are a 2 man crew, who organise technical dives for groups up to 16
people at the time. Compared to other dive centres, we do not have daily
business, but we organise diving exclusively for groups that show their
interest and book their diving in advance.

Every technical diver knows what kinds of problems are related to deep
decompression dives. All of the gasses and the equipment has to be
brought to the location, and filling tanks take big part of our precious time.
Also looking for the deep diving locations can be very hard – not to mention
searching for wrecks.

Other diving centres are usually no in a position to give so much attention
and time for technical diving, due to their responsibilities for “normal”
sport diving, and even if they decide to do something like that it is usually
very expensive.

: : our offer

6 wrecks very near to our dive centre at depths of 60 – 90 meters and
also kilometres long “wall” up to 60 meters.

Complete logistic for gasses with reasonable price including filling service.

Sailing out according to individual group wishes – exclusive dedication to
the groups without any other divers.

Accommodation within our dive centre. Available for renting: Suex scooters,
double tanks, decompression and stage tanks. Underwater video filming
of 2 dives.

To all that, we are constantly looking for new diving locations along the
whole Croatian coast, to make them available to our enthusiastic divers.